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GoAutomateMD Is committed to bringing efficiencies and innovation to the healthcare industry. Through intelligent automation, integration, analysis and processing of industry standard healthcare technologies and data assets GoAutomate strives to make the optimization healthcare processes both cost effective and simple.

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Digital DI referrals improves workflow for staff, radiologists.

After years of chasing an inefficient, tedious and time-consuming paper trail, diagnostic imaging (DI) departments at two Ontario hospitals are axing the fax and turning to more efficient digital workflows for requisitions and referrals.

GoAutomate CTO is a Start-up Innovator of the Year.

Start-up Innovator of the Year recognizes up to three start-up innovators who have clearly demonstrated leadership and innovation and whose outstanding contribution has advanced digital health or virtual health in Canada.

How to automate your requisitions into PACS - GoAutomateMD.

GoAutomateMD can integrate with your existing hospital systems, leveraging investments that your healthcare organization has already made in technology. We work seamlessly and transparently with your staff, without the need to disrupt existing processes.

GoAutomateMD Patient Care Platform.

GoAutomateMD helps streamline and automate processes within the healthcare environment. We work to digitize paper based processes& streamline existing processes via leveraging adaptive AI & machine learning. By doing so, we free up your staff - so instead of spending time with paperwork and technology, they have more free time to do what's most important: taking care of the patient.

GoAutomate Healthcare - PACS Workflow Demo.

GoAutomate brings innovation to the healthcare industry through the automation of laborious yet critical tasks. In this video we demonstrate how GoAutomate can be used to bring efficiencies to PACS processes.

GoAutomate 2.0 - Product Overview and Demo.

GoAutomate 2.0 brings many additional capabilities and ease of use to the healthcare industry through the automation of laborious yet critical tasks across core healthcare systems. In this video we provide an overview of GoAutomate 2.0 and its capabilities.